Pics from the new SouzaSim Drag Race garage.

Few Pics and descriptions about the new garage in SouzaSim Drag Rage...
Lets Start.
Those are ingame renders expect the lense flare & bloor that was added in Photoshop.

This is aswell in game render with different camera angle, Without any filters added.
The bike in the background is part of the Garage aswell every part on the ground like tires and exhaust. As its visible there it would be in game aswell.

Oil marks in ground and ambient effect was as well added.
The ambient effect doesn't require any extra rendering its total static so it would work in handheld Devices aswell.

Here are visible the oils.

Here is the other side of the Garage, Nothing Special since its not visible in game. At least if you don't use the photo mode where you have free camera mode.

And Some pictures from the outside, The building this time is like a house not just a individual garage, so from outside it won't give a lonely view if you use photomode.

The model is based in garage i found on Google.
You can clearly see a lot of similarities in here.

There still some work to be done in the outside part of the garage, I want to improve the overall background and ambient around the garage.

And last but not least here some screenshot in game while you tuning your bike.