SouzaSim - Projεct -

SouzaSim Projεct is a Re-Work / Remastering project for SouzaSim, Since SouzaSim's 3d models like Yamata Cx 135 and Yamata Zet where made middle 2013 i've had to remake everything beacuse my overall experience and skills have been gotten better in 5 years since the first models where made.
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September 2017

Starting with the idea... Everything that made the SouzaSim has to be the start of the re-Work
Here is the second idea.. Basicly since the Fx was the lastest model i worked on.. Here u can se the detail im going to use in making the SouzaSim - Projεct - You can compare it with the Yamata Cx that is available already in SouzaSim and make your expecations of the new bike models.

February 2018 

First real work has been done in this month

Here is the early model of Yamata Cx135 from Project SouzaSim. You can already see the difference in the detail between the original model.
Early model, the rear light, There is hole in the plastic for the back handle and the light,plastic is more round than the original's.
A day later i've made detailed suspensions with holes for the brake and a plastic wrap that holds the brake cable. There is a metal arm that goes all the way up to the steering that is not visible in the picture.

A day later as well, you can see how much detail was added to the rear light, a double glass shell and turn signal bulps.
Two days after, i've made the top plastic as you see in the picture above, holes and shapes, As well i added a grid filter in the bottom holes. 
Two more days passed and i posted this picture, i fixed some bends and tested the bike in different colors. this is the first time we see the model in different color. i've added some more details that are not visible in this picture but in the next one.
This picture might look simillar with the 6th one. but is not, if you look closely in the hole plastic, you can barely see a metal tube, basically i've made the whole chassic of the bike, oh and it has a saddle wich it need some more work.

There's some more work that i've done, that i don't want to expose for now!