SouzaSim Project (Progress)

Latest update about the SouzaSim Project Game! Lets see where we are so far.

Since the last update i didnt said much all this time about where we at and what was the progress so far! but don't worry, i didnt slack a minute and worked all the way till we have something intresting to share, Lets see.

I shared a screeshot with a friend and he told me this "oh in first glance i thought it was real but then the light bulb gave it away" and i said "whats wrong with the light?" he said "the light should have a blury outline else its not realistic". and then we worked on a single light for 3 hours trying to figure out a way to give a blur to the lighting without costing any performance, i worked on some 2D lighting effects adding them to the scene and programming so the 2d flat layer of transparent circule always facing the camera so it wont break the illussion.

And then worked on some more layers and a simple particle system to make it even better! as seen below.

Then i worked on some simple item that a garage contains like tables, boxes, paintbuckets etc.

Lets take a look on small pack of assets found on the garage. All made in period of one month.

Big part of the games aesthetic are inspired on NFS series and the UI on Forza series.

After that the roof was totaly changed from plain wall to wooden planks with air exposer or metal arms as seen in this picture.

Wall sockets and other details was added later on the scene,

Tire details like letter engravings and scraches on the tire surfaces was added later on.

Right was of rendering material to get a more realistic look like in aluminium as seen in the picture above was changed and fixed.

More costumization parts and UI was added.

Lets take a look at the image effects

Here you see how simply we add a simple vignette effect without costing perfomance or using any scripts, assets etc.

By making a simple gradiend border around the frame using just a single image we can make a vignette effect to give the dark/night vibe to the game scene without costing performance.

Post processing (PC ONLY)

Lets take a look at the heavy stuff

How we get the extra shadows that engines light can't produce? Thats called Ambient Occlusion lets take a look that AO does.

Take a close look at the object that are very close to each other.. You see the shadows? look at the paint buckets on the right close to the wall and look at the floor and rear wheel of the bike making contant.

Lets take a look how we get a better aluminium feel on metalic objects.

Here we using two things, bloom and space reflection, The bloom is obvious but the reflection is little harder to spot in first glance, take a look at the bottom right corner of the rim, you can see that the ring reflects the whole rim on it.

As seen on the tire details map are added everywhere!

Maps giving the ability to textures to react with the lighting giving a shadow illusion and not to look like flat images.