Progress... Due of the demand i kept working on the android port.

After working with the baked lighting, i went back to the original idea of the PC version the game to be at night, since on mobile you cannot have realtime light changes i had to keep only on type of lighting day light or night light.. at first i coudnt make the night light workout even tho the day light look really good i still wanted to have night time in garage, working constantly and doing many changes to the light rendering i manged to have a decent and very close to PC version Night Time in garage with baked pre-rendered lighting. (Baked lightmap)

Lets take a look a comparison between PC and Android Builds.

Even tho i liked the day time in SouzaSim specialy on the android version , still can't decide which direction should go. Day time in outdoor feels nice while riding, tho night fits more the underground racing mood.

Disclaimer (the day photo has higher res texture at the time of this screenshot)