SouzaSim Project Development Progress!

Lets take a look at the development progress of SouzaSim Project till today version 3.8v.
Practulary we gonna check the android version since its the most recent one.

Before we start i wan't to mention that few screenshot might be from PC Version instead of Android.
The most major update was 3.5 where we brought to you a whole city to explore! Since there was now a whole city i had to add fast travel on the mini map, so the mini map now can exapand to a full map and you can teleport home or to the tuning shop.

You can check few screenshots of the city on the post above from our facebook page.
Later on i decided to change the skybox, i decided that darker and less blue hue sky fits better an night city and a street racing style game.

Since we'll follow the street racing style i thougth it would be good ideato change the speedometer to feel more like a good old analog/digital look similar to the one you find on the actual bike and give more impression of a glowing at night from the leds UI,as well the cookpit view had a larger field of view to look more immersive, as seen in the screenshot below.

Later on i tried to work specificaly on the riding experience, since alot of people complained about being hard to brake and the rear was slippery. So i decided first to work on the slippery part,

"Limiting the rotation force by reversing the force when its to high" Basicly when the bike is about to slip the rider's script gives an opposite force to the rotation to keep in balance. (pretty cool uh?).

And done little work with the braking.

Lastly i added a joystick controls, to have full control of the rider weight similar to pc version.