SouzaSim dirt bike addition and outdoor tracks!

On the latest development update i added a dirt bike which adds a whole new depth of possibilities,
Not only a model of a dirt bike was added but the riding physics on dirt have been drasticly improved which includes wheeling, terrain deformation, physics on air where improved falling of the bike with ragdroll physics was added.

The bike can be turned to a motocross or super moto by swapping the tires the dirt tires make the bike much more gippy on the dirt surface and vice versa, and some extra improvuments like smoke and dust have been updated.

In addition to the dirt bike update, you can now pick gloves for your rider and the helmet swaps to a motocross type when you have selected the dirt bike.

Tracks with terrain deformation. (ScreenShots)

(Everything currently is available on the beta android version) Check Google Play

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