SouzaSim Project Update v5.2

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Update List

Dirt physics and new tarmac physics
In the air, physics are now better
Two new levels (Motocross track and snow track)
Photo Mode
Two new clothing combinations black t-shirt with camo pants and white t-shirt with camo pants
Now you can add gloves to your character you can choose between 3 different glove variations (Black gloves. gray camo. and red gloves)
Helmet view now has ski mask google view as well
Helmet view has been enhanced
When you ride a dirt bike the character helmet automatically swaps to a motocross helmet type
Smoke particle now has been enhanced and there's now dirt dust particles as well
Some challenges have been removed temporarily
Terrain deformation on dirt tracks have been added now the bike wheels can engrave the ground
The ability to disable/enable Terrain deformation has been added on the graphics settings
Now rider will fall on strong forces or crashes using ragdoll physics
New dynamic camera

Bug fixes:
Colors not being saved
Buying dialog being out of focus
Random crashes fixed
Distant trees rendering alpha problem fixed now they are rendered transparent
Parking bike saving index being wrong was corrected
FreeRide crashing when leaving the small city area was fixed
Optimizing in air physics
The old race track was temporarily removed
Rider animations have been slightly fixed
Bike front spring position being offset and on unnatural position have been fixed
In-game settings button UI not working fixed
Ragdoll won't trigger when you pause anymore.