(Update) Upgraded bikes, improved controls, animations & online multiplayer


Update Summary: 

Improved in air physics and controls
Improved tarmac handlings
Improved animations
Upgraded bike models to 2020-21.
New dirt bike "KW" 250 and 450 (Green)
Multiplayer using Photon
Upgraded sky visuals
Upgraded post-processing
Bug fixing

KW 450 the new dirtbike included in the latest version of SMX Supermoto Vs Motocross

All bike models were upgraded to 2020 and 2021versions that means a new chassis look and vinyl
All new dirtbike the KW as seen on the picture above and the video below.

In the air controls were improved now you have more control over the bike also tarmac handling improved, this was improved specifically for the upcoming supermoto races.

Last but not least visual improvements in the sky and post-processing.