SMX Supermoto Vs Motocross Open Beta Update: 5.17.0 live now!

Hi! Finally, a new update for SMX has arrived!

SO what's new, Let's start.

- Steering now is quicker, useful for SX tracks, and in general easier to control.

- In air control, You can now control the bike in the air, You can use acceleration or braking to lean forward or backward, the bike feels much is lighter in the air.

- First-person view (POV) has been improved, with no more hands going out of the handlebars.

- Now it's possible to do WHIPS! H@ll yeah, we've been waiting for this for so long.

- Supercross Map Editor with new SX jumps, is not perfect still needs to be improved, also the mods of the track editor will still load in the outdoor map, ill fix that later. Has been fixed on patch 5.17.3

- New improved rendering engine, this means better lighting nicer textures everything would look prettier and more lifelike, sadly map mods have to be converter else you'll see everything is rendered white.

- Remastered some levels, removed other ones (sry) all the new maps look better and flow smoother.

- Garage was remastered, with some changes in textures and few details have been added.

- Few bike textures were improved now they look less buggy.

- Action camera view

- Probably more stuff that I'm forgetting. It's been 6 months I'm sorry.

Patch 5.17.3 

- AI finally knows how to use their brakes
- Bike and jersey gets muddy 
- SX and MX track editor levels are now both accessible from the main menu for quick race selection & separate files for mod browser ( For current level designer levels conversion is required by changing the file extension from .smxtrack to .smxtracksm else they won't be visible in the selection menu ). 

Update 5.18.0

- Selecting a mod gear after having selected a gear that you currently don't own, now it won't show you the purchase button on the right.
- Game settings and game progress are now saved in separate files, this way when you reset or delete the game you can store your progress (Useful if stuff breaks after an update etc). Copy the file "" from android/data/com.Evag.SMX/files/ somewhere safe and then restore it after reinstalling the game.
- Fixed some unfinished UI elements.

Update 5.19.0

- Now you have the ability to choose a region you want to play in Multiplayer.
- Beta multiplayer bugs were fixed.

Patch 5.19.4 (Also now available on the public version)

- Multiplayer crashing when exiting was fixed. 
- Action camera was removed,
- Resolution slider showing different values in the garage and in the race was fixed.

Patch 5.19.5

Not getting the money reward after finishing a race bug was fixed.
- Analog on-screen touch control layout was improved.

Patch 5.19.6

Patch 5.19.7

Now the bike would feel bouncier, meaning messing a jump would be more forgiving you would lose less speed and reach further on jumps.

Patch 5.19.8

- Front spring now is smoother, no bumping and jumping when you land with the front wheel. no hitting invisible walls when trying to jump steep jumps.

Patch 5.19.9

- Mini Supermoto track has been remastered
- The handlebar is shaking at high speeds on the tarmac
- Camera shaking at high speeds
- Garage is looks more contrasty

Update 5.20.7 Now live on Google Play Public release

- In riding options now you can choose between 85 and 95 degree FOV for first person camera - In visual options now you can choose the physics option, between performance and smooth.
- The rider reacts when hitting from sides & some improvements on collisions
- Some minor bug fixes

Patch 5.20.8

- Improved animations
- Sound changes

Patch 5.20.11

- Animation changes and bug fixes - Steering bug fixed when using the "smooth" physics


Download the update from Google Play