SMX Supermoto Vs Motocross Open Beta Update: 6.0.0 live now!

SMX Supermoto Vs Motocross Update version 6.0.0

What's new: 

- MX 1 track reworked and re-textured, also called GreenHill Motocross now.

- Bike physics has changed and been improved.

- Rider animations improved.

- A reset rider button has been added to the main menu to get you unstuck from fences etc.

- Multiplayer has been disabled from incompatible levels e.g track editor.

- Outdoor track editor environment and lighting improvements.

- 11 New rider skins, a few of them moved from to the game.

- Kawa 250 & 450 OE Games team bike and rider skin.

- Mod browser UI slightly improved with bigger preview images.

- Jersey name and number has a shadow now to be visible in light colored jerseys.

- Minor bug fixes

6.0.1 patch

- Bug fixes
- Dev message and news window

6.0.2 patch

- Downshifting on automatic gear has been improved.
- Few sounds changes, including GRF450 new sound
- New blocks and textures in Level Designer
- Some other fixes here and there

6.1.0 update

- In-game chatting
- Privacy policy and Term of Use have been Updated
- minor fixes

6.1.1 patch

- Bug where the gearbox gets set back to automatic even tho the player chose manual was fixed
- Engine braking improved
- Bug where it won't connect to the chat channel when you are the host of a room was fixed
- Random fixes here and there

6.1.2 patch (actually an update, i forgot to change the number)

- Bikes now accelerate faster and few optimizations on riding, this would make reaching jumps easier
- Rider number is also displayed on the bike.
- New improved bike sounds.
- Supercross track editor updated and re-textured parts.
- Garage lighting improved
- Mod browser updated.
- Rim material improved

6.2.0, 6.2.1, 6.2.2 Patch

- Bug fixes
- Memory optimization
- Scene optimizations

6.2.2 is now on beta public release.

6.2.3 Patch
- Mod browser not being able to extract certain type of zip files was fixed
- The rider not being rendered correctly was fixed
- Multiplayer bug fixes


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