A New Winter Event "Sled Cross" ! (BETA ONLY) Update


In this Event / Update 

Ride around freely in the snowcross map with an exclusive event-only 1000cc snowmobile!
Merry Christmas! Event ends at 15/1/2023

More changes:

Improved handling both on dirt and tarmac surfaces.

More mainstream and improved UI with icons and images
All maps now have baked shadows
Few tracks have been slightly extended and refined.
Rider now has hand animations in first-person view

Known Bugs: When pressing play, if no map selected you will stuck in infinite loading loop.
You can see the nose in first person, Multiplayer does not work on the sled cross event.

This event is only available on the beta track of the game SMX Motocross Vs Supermoto.
Due to issues, it cannot be available for everyone, if you are interested in participating, enter the beta testing by following the link, if the beta version doesn't work on your device don't budge. You can revert back from the Google Play page of SMX by scrolling down or clicking the link above again and selecting "Leave program". Then re-download the game, to revert back to the public track. You can still enjoy the snowcross map on the public release by downloading it from the Mod Browser within the game, but it won't include the snowmobile. Thank you for understanding. Happy holy days!

Map Screenshots

Merry Christmas!

Join the fun today!

Download SMX Supermoto Vs Motocross by pressing below.