New Mx Track & Pumpkin Halloween Helmet 🎃

Hey there, fellow motocross fans! We've got some exciting news to share. Right in time for Halloween, we've rolled out an awesome update for your favorite motocross game.

1. Helmet Pumpkin: To kick off the spooky season, we've introduced a brand-new helmet skin - the Helmet Pumpkin! Now, you can hit the tracks with a touch of Halloween spirit. Ride in style with this festive headgear and make sure to show it off to your fellow riders.

2. Garage of Ghouls: We've given your in-game garage a Halloween makeover. Step inside to find cobwebs, eerie lighting, and mysterious shadows lurking in the corners. It's the perfect place to prepare for your ghostly rides. Who knows what secrets may be hiding among the wrenches and spare parts?

3. MX Calm Palm: Our latest addition to the track roster is the MX Calm Palm. Don't let the name fool you; there might not be any palm trees around.

Mx Calm Palm screenshots: